About us.

How to capture unobtrusively key body signals for identifying emotional responding in every day life?

Dr. Papastefanou, Senior Researcher at GESIS, the German national Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences, worked for years on this question.

Finally he developed the Smartband  - a sensor band, preferably, but not exclusively to be worn on the wrist. It integrates capturing and saving signals of skin conductance, skin temperature and pulse wave pressure, along with artefact detection and multiple marking of subjective and environmental states/events.

To bring the Smartband to the market, Dr. Papastefanou founded

We at are developing ways to let people use the Smartband's capablities for personal or institutional research on emotional responsiveness in every day life contexts.

We are affiliated closely with GESIS by conducting governmental funded research on emotions and activities in daily life.